The Life Science Pilot Network

The Life Science Pilot Network is a unique, practically inclined network aiming to stimulate activity and increase the value creation within the life sciences in Norway 

The network Life Science Pilot is being established to help to stimulate activity and increase value creation within the life sciences in Norway. The network is linked to The Life Science Cluster (TLSC), and will here create collaborations to contribute to reap the gains from a year-long commitment to research in health and biotechnology in Norway.

Life Science Pilot will be a network that focuses on skill development and specific activities related to the new multipurpose center Catapult Life Science, which aims to be a Norwegian center for research, product development and small-scale production for the life sciences. Life Science Pilot will establish concrete collaborative projects between different members with the goal of getting public support for the projects, so that new products will be developed to a stage where commercialization is realistic. By building industrialization expertise through concrete projects, we hope to lay the foundation for development of entire supply chains in Norway.

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