Amazing Offers!

Here is an overview of several limited time offers for TLSC: Market Day!

Please have a look at the offers from the following TLSC members (will be updated):


Offer from Bio-me

  • Opportunity to win your favorite soft, plush gut microbe!
  • Take part in the Microbiome Revolution and be one of the first to learn about your own gut microbiome with a brand new test
  • Opportunity for extended analysis for the first 20 who returns kit

For a 1:1 meeeting with Bio-Me, please contact: Morten Isaksen (

Bryn Aarflot 

Offer from Bryn Aarflot: FREE “MINIPACK”
We offer two hours of free counseling, where we help to initialize mapping of the intangible assets and provide initial tips and advice. You will get advice and a report with specific, customized recommendations on further strategies on aspects such as patenting, secrecy and protection of designs and brands.

For a 1:1 meeting with Bryn Aarflot please contact: Arne Lund Kvernheim ( or Cecilie Berglund (

Bull & Co Advokatfirma

Offer from Bull & Co Advokatfirma: Workshop – Legal issues your business needs to deal with!

The purpose of the workshop is to get a prioritized overview of legal challenges that may arise for your business and when these challenges must be dealt with.

The starting point for the workshop is a run through of your business where the relevant legal issues are discussed consecutively. A summary will then be given at the end of the meeting.

Price: NOK 10.000 excluding VAT, however the first ten businesses booking a workshop with Bull & Co Advokatfirma AS will get it for free!

Please see the whole deal here: PDF

For a 1:1 meeeting with Bull & Co Advokatfirma, please contact: Karina Helgesen Aase (

Catapult Life Science

30%-40% discount on water analysis at Catapult Life Science for up to 6 months!

The following analyses are offered:

  • Microbiological count
  • Conductivity
  • Nitrates
  • Endotoxines

Ordinary price: 5998.- per analysis

Discounted price per analysis 3999.-

Discounted price for all four analysis 13999.-

For a 1:1 meeeting with Catapult Life Science, please contact: Astrid Hilde Myrset (

Diatec Monoclonals

Amazing offer from Diactec 20% discount on the 2018 PRICELIST

For a 1:1 meeeting with Diatec Monoclonals, please contact: Bjørn Pedersen (


Head4More is the leading consulting and recruitment partner for the Life Science Industry. We now offer a free 2-hour consulting session for you and your team. Please show your interest, and we will randomly select three companies among those signing up.

Choose among the following three workshop subjects:

  1. How to improve the efficiency of our meetings
  2. How to build a result oriented feedback culture
  3. How to set goals that creates commitment and motivation in the organisation – an introduction to Goal Mapping

Additionally, all companies showing their interest will be offered a free returnonpeople® consulting session, on how to attract and develop the people your organization need in order for you to succeed with your business strategy.

To book your session, meet us at our stand or contact Anne Skinnemoen at:


We offer a market day exclusive 10% discount for all customers who sign up for our fixed price model offers.

For a 1:1 meeting with Innovayt, please contact: May Hald (

Lavendel Hygiene

Special offer on 3M Clean-Trace ATP system: 3M Clean-Trace is one of Norway’s most frequently used ATP-systems for direct hygiene control. Accurate, replicable results and a completely unique software for trend analysis of cleaning is making Clean-Trace ever more popular in the Norwegian food industry.

Read more about the offer here: PDF  

For a 1:1 meeting with Lavendel Hygiene, please contact: Kenny Rubani (

Life Science Team 

Free assessment of your organization’s talent needs, now and in the foreseeable future, as well as a 20 % discount on your first order with us (deducted from our standard hourly rates). Life Science Team is committed to make sure you always have Expertise at hand™.

For a 1:1 meeting with Life Science Team, please contact: Tine Raabe (

Link Medical Research

We offer 20% discount on out Target Product Profile Workshop in Nydalen. Visit our booth and learn more how LINK Medical can help your product- and business development.

For a 1:1 meeting with Link Medical Research, please contact: Nina Cecilie Herud (

Lion Healthcare 

50% discount on Insubalance, a dietary supplement which improves blood sugar balance and lowers cholesterol. Suitable for people at risk of developing diabetes and early stage diabetics.

For a 1:1 meeting with Lion Healthcare, please contact: Zy Kristoffersen (


30% OFF on Gene Synthesis Service!

As demand for synthetic genes for emerging applications is fast growing, GenScript is leading the efforts in building innovative platforms capable of providing high-fidelity synthetic genes of any size or complexity for diverse applications. Take advantage of our ongoing promotions to advance your research! Read more about the offer here: PDF

For a 1:1 meeting with GenScript, please contact: Emma Zhang (


We at Merck offer you our Discount Program targeting Biotech Companies which include discount from 10 – 60 procent from our comprehensive catalog of over 300,000 products from our combined capabilities of Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich including reagents, labware and instruments, comprising complete solutions for chemical and biological workflows.

Drop by our exhibition booth to have a talk with your contact Maria Bay Cordtz or email:

Also check out:

Mettler Toledo 

Special launch offer on our new scales in the XSR and XPR series; 17% off, valid through September 2018.

Kampanjeblad Market Day 2018: PDF 

Rainin pipetter “2 for 1”: PDF

For a 1:1 meeting with Mettler Toledo, please contact: Stein Erik Rognan (


NIOM possess modern and well-equipped laboratory facilities, including acclimatized laboratories for testing of dental and other biomaterials.

Discount on cytotoxicity test

NIOM offers testing of materials according to ISO standards. One of the tests is a test for in vitro cytotoxicity, according to ISO 10993-5, Annex C; MTT. The test measures cell viability after exposure to extract of materials. NIOM holds accredited for this test and the price for one material testing is NOK 19800, including extract making.

We can offer 20% off the price at the marked day.

Offer may also be viwed here: PDF

For a 1:1 meeting with NIOM , please contact: Jon Einar Dahl (

Nordic BioSite

Nordic Biosite – visit us at our stand and get a 20 % discount for your next order!

For a 1:1 meeting with Nordic BioSite, please contact: Johanna Gottschamel (

Norsk Førstehjelp AS

There are 3000 sudden cardiac arrests in Norway yearly, 15 % survival rate. Early CPR and use of defibrillator within 3-5 minutes increases survival rate tremendously.

Norsk Førstehjelp are the life saving company. We offer one the best defibrillators, service agreement (yearly service, chance of electrodes, batteries, chance of AED if used or damaged free of charge), first aid courses with practical training, first aid equipment and crisis management.

Offer for members of The Life Science Cluster, Norway Health Tech and Forskningsparken until October 15: FREE first aid course for 12 persons if you buy our AED with service agreement for 3 years.

For further information, visit our website or for a 1:1 meeting with Norsk Førstehjelp, please contact Terje M. Halvorsen (

Rayon Design 

“Turning innovations into business”

We offer a two hour free counseling meeting where we will discuss strategy on how to position and differentiate your innovation/product/service. After the meeting we will make a brief report from our analyze and a brief list on suggested progress.

For a 1:1 meeting with Rayon Design, please contact: Kaj Zackrisson (


Get in touch with ShareLab on Market Day – get a 1000 NOK discount on your first month in the office space!

For a 1:1 meeting with ShareLab, please contact: Esben A. Nilssen (


Research scientists representing the varied competence within life science, biotechnology, health and welfare in SINTEF will be present to discuss your research needs and what competence SINTEF can provide for future research collaborations, including advice on relevant funding opportunities.

For a 1:1 meeting with SINTEF, please contact: Hanne Haslene-Hox (

The Life Science Cluster

Become a member of the Life Science Cluster, and get 20% discount off the membership fee until Match 2019 (the membership agreement has to be signed on MD)

For a 1:1 meeting with The Life Science Cluster, please contact: Trine Ellingsen (


Exclusive offer to participants from VWR on PCR REAGENTS

For a 1:1 meeting with VWR please contact: Helge Brekke (

World Courier

Free soda and ice cream!

For a 1:1 meeting World Courier, please contact: Attiq Virk (

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