New board members: Ingrid Dynna, Katrine Malmer-Høvik, Per Morten Sandset & Jan Terje Andersen

The Life Science Cluster welcomes Ingrid Dynna, Per Morten Sandset, Katrine Malmer-Høvik and Jan Terje Andersen as new board members. Amir Sasson joins the Strategic committee. “We are glad to welcome all the new board and strategic committee members and are confident they will contribute with valuable knowledge and experience as the cluster continues to develop,” says Chairman Lars Lund-Roland.

The Life Science Cluster would also like to thank the members who are now leaving the board. Morten Egeberg (Administrative Leader, UiO:Life Science and leader for Spark Norway), Ragnhild Dragøy (Research Manager Marine Biotechnology in Nofima), Jon Borgaard (Head of Department Clinical Trial Unit, Oslo University Hospital) and Camilla Haglerød (Odontology student, previously CEO of Oxy Solutions) have all been valuable board members for two or more years.

“Morten Egeberg, Ragnhild Dragøy, Jon Borgaard and Camilla Haglerød have been essential for the cluster in becoming an Arena Cluster, and we are grateful for their contribution, especially on developing the cluster’s quality and focus on value for members and society,” says Lars Lund-Roland. “The Life Science Cluster is now working to reach the next level in Innovation Norway’s Cluster Program.”

There are also changes in the nomination committee; Hans Jacob Skarpeid has completed his two year term in the committee, and former board member Ragnhild Dragøy joins as new member.

The new board of The Life Science Cluster consists of:

Lars Lund-Roland, ELAR Consulting (Chairman)

Ingrid Dynna, NoMy

Per Morten Sandset, UiO

Katrine Malmer-Høvik, SANDS

Øivind Enger, Sarsia Seed Management

Lotte Skolem, Aker BioMarine

Frode Nakkim, Bayer

Jonas Hallén, Arxx Therapeutics

Jan Terje Andersen, OUS

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