The Life Science Cluster welcomed NoMy, C. Ranger Consulting and BioCat as members in the beginning of 2021. “NoMy is our first member company looking into the potential of fungal mycelium and will be a valuable part of our life science family innovating new foods and sustainable feeds”, says Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen, CEO of The Life Science Cluster.

“The Life Science Cluster continues to grow, and we are very pleased to expand our membership base with excellent advisors and startups that we know will aid in unleashing the potential of life science in Norway,” says Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen.


NoMy is an R&D company working with future green materials, new foods and sustainable feeds by harnessing the untapped potential of fungal mycelium.

“Our mission is to accelerate the green shift through cutting edge research and large scale innovation through co-creation with our strategic partners,” says Ingrid Dynna, CEO of NoMy.

In November last year Ingrid Dynna and co-founder David Andrew Quist started Norwegian Mycelium AS, called NoMy; Ingrid has a commercial background and comes from an international career in Google. David is a researcher and expert in fungal biology. They share a passion for sustainability and creating solutions that address global problems.

“We aim to forge industrial symbioses with existing biomass industries to valorize underutilized side-streams for the production of new materials, like foods and feeds – leading to greater resource efficiency, circularity and cost-competitiveness. We’re also working on building our commercial partnerships for our go-to-market.

We’re also in the midst of the R&D phase of our alternative meat products.” Ingrid Dynna says.

NoMy will be a valuable contribution to The Life Science Cluster’s thriving ecosystem.

“In addition to building our network with other members, we look forward to the potential support around financing, strategic development, regulation and policies.” Ingrid Dynna says.

C. Ranger Consulting

C. Ranger Consulting has joined The Life Science Cluster, after being a part of the Cluster administration as an external consultant for almost a year. Chelsea is originally trained in hepatology/gastroenterology PA in the US, and began her career in private practice dedicated to treating patients with acute and chronic liver and digestive diseases.

After moving to Norway in 2009 she has transitioned from patient care into industry and was until 2019 the General Manager of Norway / SVP Commercial & Market Strategy for the Swedish digital health medical imaging SaaS / SaMD startup, AMRA Medical.

“My consistent and ongoing mission as a consultant is to directly improve our global health and well-being by closely supporting medical and technological advancements, as well as to act as a bridge across our industry sectors and Nordic borders,” says Chelsea.

At the Life Science Cluster, Chelsea is supporting members on strategic business development and investor relations. C. Ranger Consulting consults across the Nordic countries through a variety of roles, which among others include Co-Founder & Program Committee Co-Chair of NLSInvest 2021 and Program Director of & Speaker for the 2021 Nordic Life Science Days Conference. Chelsea is also Director of Clinical Strategy at HoloCare AS.

“In developing a close relationship with The Life Science Cluster, it has become increasingly important to me to support our cluster and its companies by becoming more directly involved, not only as a consultant but also as a member. I believe in always being a student and in showing up in each capacity to both learn and share, so I see my membership as such a contribution. I know that The Life Science Cluster offers a lot in terms of professional networking, social engagements, and educational events through which I can continue to grow personally and thus pay forward in future roles”, says Chelsea Ranger.

You can look forward to learning more about our new members in the coming months at various digital events.


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