The Life Science Cluster ended 2020 with a record number of members. “During the last year the number of members has increased in a steady pace and we are glad to see so many new members from all sectors of life science,” says Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen, CEO of The Life Science Cluster.

The Life Science Cluster welcomed over 20 new members in 2020 and are especially excited about the international interest in Norwegian life science with new members such as Back Bay Life Science Advisors from Boston.

Back Bay Life Science Advisors

Back Bay Life Science Advisors provides global life science partnering, commercialization, and transaction advice.

“We are an internationally recognized life science consultancy, fully integrated with top-tier investment banking capabilities that have built a global reputation with a special emphasis on North America and Northern Europe, and with worldwide reach,” says Jonathan P. Gertler, Managing Partner and CEO at Back Bay Life Science Advisors.

“Back Bay has deep roots within the Nordic life science ecosystem and a long-standing commitment to nurturing US-Nordic life science partnering and growth. In fact, Back Bay has become the recognized resource in this regard. We are pleased to become members of The Life Science Cluster to continue cross-border development, partnering, and healthy exchange of ideas and support for investors and companies in the US and Nordic ecosystems.“

Back Bay Life Science Advisors works at every stage and sector, across virtually every therapeutic area of life science development. The company regularly lead projects and transactions in the Nordic region, including transactions involving Lobsor, ISD Immunotech, MinervaX, and others. The company has more than 600 life science projects to date and among them projects in vaccine development, non-opioid pain management, and advanced Parkinson’s disease.

dne pharma AS and subsidiary company Pharma Production AS

dne pharma AS and subsidiary company Pharma Production AS are also recent members of The Life Science Cluster. Pharma Production holds a manufacturing license for pharmaceuticals and is based at Karihaugen in Oslo. The company has taken over activities carried out on the same site by former SAnivo Pharma. dne pharma owns the marketing licenses for the products. Pharma Production also takes on contract production for external clients, and this has expanded over the past year.

Last year dne pharma conducted a successful launch of naloxone nasal spray (Ventizolve) in all Nordic countries, and more launches are planned this year. Ventizolve is a nasal spray for emergency treatment of opioid overdose. Through the Naloxon Project drug addicts in over 50 Norwegian municipalities have been given life-saving nasal spray and so far it has been used on almost 600 people.

“The Life Science Cluster’s presence is important to motivate and coordinate national activities in life science. dne pharma with Pharma Production has experience with small-scale manufacturing and upscaling of production. Our expertise coupled with existing national development environments, can enable us to bring potential new drug substances to the market. Now that we experience that national drug production is in focus with the authorities, The Life Science Cluster is an important tool for linking innovation and existing manufacturing expertise,” says Bibbi Paust, Head of Quality/Reg./RP/QP at dne pharma.

Fynd Ocean Ventures AS

Fynd Ocean Ventures AS, an ocean venture capital fund focusing on growth companies with clear sustainability focus, also became a member at the end of last year.

In 2018 Maren Hjorth Bauer established Katapult Ocean which invests in start-up companies within marine technology. Now she has taken one further step and started one of few ocean ventures funds. The Fynd Ocean Ventures has Kverva, the Witzøe family’s investment company, as an investor.

Fynd Ocean Ventures also has a focus on equality, which is very much in line with The Life Science Cluster’s view; “The investor communities are male-dominated, and we would like to change this. Fynd has several women in both management and advisory teams. We choose the best people regardless of gender,” says Hjorth Bauer.

The Life Science Cluster will share more about the new members in the coming months at various digital events.


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