Arctic Nutrition, Emtunga Solutions and AFRY are welcomed as members during the last few months, as The Life Science Cluster continues to increase its numbers of members.

“Every new member brings us closer to unleashing the potential of Norway’s life sciences sectors and hence creating more new jobs,” says Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen, CEO at The Life Science Cluster.

Arctic Nutrition is a Norwegian biotechnology company developing marine extracts for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. Arctic Nutrition develops products, solutions, and technologies based on bioactive marine compounds that are either kept proprietary or patented. Arctic Nutrition received the SIVA award 2020 for the company’s highly innovative work on the development of medicinal treatment of psoriasis and was also awarded a prestigious EU-grant for developing a business plan for the new psoriasis drug.

Contact: Ole Arne Eiksund, CEO Arctic Nutrition (

“Artic Nutrition is an example of the potential for business development and extended market opportunities we see within the life sciences. Due to hard work, knowledge and technology they are now expanding their business area from nutraceutical to medical products. It will be exciting to follow their development and we are pleased to have them as members of the cluster. Their experiences offer important learning for others, and Artic Nutrition can benefit from existing members’ knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry,” says Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen.

Emtunga Solutions is a Swedish company owned by the Norwegian Moreld group. Emtunga is a leading supplier of complex modular Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects (EPC) with over 45 years of experience from the offshore industry and 25 years from the pharmaceutical industry. Emtunga has Engineering/Design, Procurement and Construction inhouse, located in Gothenburg and Vara (Emtunga), Sweden.

Contact: Lars-Gunnar Wallenius, Project Engineering & Procurement Manager (

AFRY is a global engineering and consulting company specialized in manufacturing processes, equipment and control to develop an innovative product, process or new system. AFRY offers turnkey projects as well as service assignments on an hourly basis. They have more than 400 specialized engineers with extensive cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) competence.

Contact: Katrin Hedvall, Business Unit Manager (

Emtunga and AFRY have a long history of working together and have delivered several cGMP compliant EPC projects to the Pharmaceutical industry. They have recently decided to cooperate more permanently to offer a solid solution to the market and future clients. With the skills that both companies possess, they will complement each other and offer strong solutions for EPC projects to the Life Science market.

Both companies have a long, documented experience of working with Norwegian clients in segments such as Pharmaceutical, Food and the Oil&Gas industry.

“We are pleased to welcome Emtunga and AFRY as members. We believe there is a potential and need for their competence and experience in modular  projects to respond to future global needs within the life science industries. Increased focus on precision and personalized solutions requires new and more efficient ways of engineering/design, procurement and construction of heavy lab infrastructure. This supports growth and new jobs within the Norwegian Life Science sectors,” says Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen.

The Life Science Cluster will share more about the new members in the coming months at various events, it is also possible to contact them directly for further information.

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