The Life Science Cluster is growing at a steady rate and it is a pleasure to welcome six new members, Vitroscope, Gentian, MMR Ocean Blue, Canica, Surviva and Nextera.  We look forward to share more about them in the coming months, and to introduce them at various events going forward. As for now, we will start with a short introduction to three of them. Feel free to contact them directly for further information, or to welcome them to our cluster.


Gentian Diagnostics develop and produce accurate diagnostic tests that save time and costs for both laboratories and patients. By combining interdisciplinary experience with scientific knowledge, Gentian is able to efficiently take products through the development process, from proof of concept stage to market launch, using their state-of–the–art technology lab.

Gentian serves a global market for human and veterinary medical diagnostic tests. Their current and pipeline diagnostic products cover kidney, infectious, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases.

Gentian is currently stepping up to help combat the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. They are reaching out to research/hospital institutions to run a trial to assess whether their biomarkers can make a contribution in the detection of severe COVID-19 cases. Have a look at their collaboration proposal here: For more information, you may contact


Canica is a family-owned investment company with offices in Switzerland and Norway. Their operations are focused on active, long-term ownership. Canica can offer core expertise within the fields of business development and finance, as well as capital and network in order to create value and employment in a long-term perspective. As a committed owner, they are passionate about their brand, employees, sustainability and the larger community. For more information, or to get in touch, please contact:

SurViva – Making Small Businesses Thrive

SurViva was established in 2012 with the aim to help small businesses within the life science industry thrive in Norway. The founder, Astrid Hilde Myrset, saw a need for shared infrastructure as well as expertise made accessible for small and big companies in the development phase, and founded Catapult Life Science in 2016. 

SurViva is mainly located at Fornebu, and assists several companies in their product development and production activities in the incubator currently housed by Polypure AS. The activities span from practical spray granulation, via HMS-systems and processes, to general product development advice. To get in touch with Surviva, you may contact


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