TLSC is proud to present Rayon Design, a full service design agency located at Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken)! We are glad to have Rayon Design on board.

Rayon Design specializes in increasing brand awareness through relevant differentiation. The company stands out among the life science companies in the Life Science Cluster, and is looking to make a splash.

Rayon Design starts off their projects with research-based analysis reports. In this way, they conceptualise the core delivery of their customers’ product and service – what is delivered, to whom, where and how. Based on the analysis report, Rayon Design sets a positioning strategy, where it the company idea and product is defined, as well as target customer groups.

The positioning strategy forms the backbone when moving on to creating the visual identity, creating a fusion of form and function, and making the product delivery easy to understand. To make customers’ visual identities complete, Rayon Design creates a design manual and communication platform. Different tools needed for diverse companies are defined in accordance with the positioning strategy and visual identity.

The company says this about joning TLSC: ”We are a design company and our mission is make your brand shine –  we help turning innovations into business. This is also why we think that Forskningsparken and TLSC is a great arena for us, where we can be surronded by the life science technologies of the future.” 

To start off new collaborations with other TLSC members, Rayon design offers a free two hour consultation to new customers. The company can be contacted here: or 41346999. 

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