TLSC is proud of our diverse membership base! In this series, you can get to know some of our members:

Biozep is science-based and innovative biopharmaceutical company that develops safe, effective and affordable drugs for patients with chronic eye diseases.

Ophthalmic drugs are used to treat eye diseases like age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye disease, allergy, infections and inflammations of the eye. The ophthalmic drug market is currently $27 billion with a 10-year CAGR of 5.5%. The market is set to grow, fueled by an aging population and the detrimental impact of modern lifestyle.

Biozep AS has developed a novel drug platform based on therapeutic lipids to combat the increased prevalence of ocular ailments. These lipids have been found to regulate important cellular processes that are often negatively impacted and malfunctions in a variety of eye diseases. This means the lipids are promising drug candidates. Biozep’s first prototype drug product, BioZurface, is a treatment for eye diseases affecting the ocular surface. The goal is to initiate clinical studies with BioZurface in 2020, followed by market launch in 2025.

Biozep has established a fully equipped chemistry laboratory in Oslo Science Park to produce therapeutic lipids. In addition to existing comprehensive synthetic and analytical capabilities, Biozep is also building in-house capacity for pharmaceutical formulation development. The biological testing of Biozep drug substances are performed in collaboration with selected contract research organizations both in Europe and USA.

“Oslo Research Park is the perfect location for Biozep, with its close proximity to both the university and the hospitals in Oslo. Being here also gives us the opportunity to interact with other life science companies. The recent establishment of Sharelab at Oslo Science Park gives us a valuable scientific network and the option to expand our laboratory activities when needed, which is highly appreciated. Not least, we are also very pleased to be a part of the Life Science Network, and look forward to developing together in the future!” – Anne Kristin Holmeide (PhD, Managing director)

The Life Science Cluster team is happy to have Biozep as a member, and wish them success!      


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