TLSC is proud of our diverse membership base! In this series, you can get to know some of our members:

Oxy Solutions AS: We bring oxygen to the solutions!

Oxy Solutions AS is a private biotech company based in Oslo. The company has developed a platform technology that highly oxygenate liquid and is currently focusing on commercializing the technology within the beverage market and the wound care market. Within the wound care market Oxy Solutions is focusing on chronic wounds. The number of patients with chronic wounds are increasing due to the ageing population and lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes. Currently there is a demand for more efficient products increaseing the healing rate of chronic wounds. One of the major challanges with these types of wounds, is infection, causing production of a biofilm, and thus decreasing oxygen suply to the skin cells and leading to inhibition of the wound healing. Oxy Solutions has developed a highly oxygenated wound care product, that decrease the bacterial infections and at the same time supply oxygen to the wound cells – accelerateing the wound healing. The next development stage of the product is safety studies and is planned to be initiated early 2019.

”We have a flexible solution that has proven to oxygenate a varity of liquids to extremely high levels. The flexibility and scalability of the solution enable us to develop strong wound healing candidates both alone and in coloboration with established producers of wound healing compostitions”, says Vice President Tore Kvam

Oxy Solutions is a member of TLSC and the CEO is also a member of the steering board.

”Oxy Solutions AS is member of TLSC because it is a great arena for networking and collaborations with partners with within the life scinece area, as well as the cluster provide a broad access to expertise within all the fields including, fish, health, industiral and agreculture.” – Camilla Haglerød, PhD (CEO)

The Life Science Cluster team is happy to have Oxy Solutions as a member, and wish them success!        

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