TLSC is proud of our diverse membership base! In this series, you can get to know some of our members:

Lion Healthcare is a biotech company specialising in enzyme technology to develop bioactive substances from marine resource to be used in prevention of life style diseases. Lion Healthcare’s mission is to improve the quality of life through innovation.

“It is too late and too expensive to treat a condition once it has grown into a disease. We must start from prevention. To do that, we need to re-think healthcare and provide people with powerful tools and solutions that are easy to use and affordable.” – Zy Kristoffersen (CEO, Lion Healthcare)

In line with the company’s focus on prevention, Lion Healtcare develops and markets dietary supplements for use in preventive and restorative medicine, with a special focus on diabetes. 

“We appreciate the network opportunity that TLSC provides us. In addition, we do hope that we together with TLSC can contribute to positive changes in healthcare.” – Zy Kristoffersen (CEO, Lion Healthcare)

The Life Science Cluster team is happy to have Lion Helathcare as a member, and wish them success!




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