TLSC is proud of our diverse membership base! In this series, you can get to know some of our members:

ACD Pharmaceuticals AS is a research and development company focusing on fish health, fish welfare and support services for the aquaculture industry. As a part of the Nordly Group, ACD Pharma has sister companies in fish feed and medicinal feed production, sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals as well as veterinary and environmental services aimed at the aquaculture industry.

We are happy to be part of TLSC! This network secures access to valuable resources and competencies within life science and will in addition help bring academia and industry closer. We strongly believe in “applied research”, research that makes a difference to the industry. – Mariann Dønnum (CEO)

ACD Pharma has worked since 2011 to develop bacteriophages, naturally occurring viruses which infect and kill bacteria, as an additional tool to help control bacterial challenges in aquaculture farming. The first bacteriophage product has already been used against Yersinia ruckeri – a bacteria harming Atlantic salmon production – and has proved itself to be safe, easy-to-use and efficient.

Another important project is the research on producing reproductively sterile Atlantic salmon for environmentally responsible aquaculture in Norway. This non-GMO technology uses short-term “silencing” of the genes that are responsible for the development of gonads by immersion in a special “bath”. This leads to fish without ovaries, testes or gametes, which cannot intermingle with wild salmon stocks.




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